Pattono 1882.
Bathroom & Surfaces.

A success story that spans three centuries.
Infinite solutions for bathroom furniture.

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Pattono: tradition and renewal.

Pattono s.r.l. is a landmark store established in 1882
We are located in via Filippo Casoni 46/R where we have been operating for over 130 years in the territory of Genoa, specializing in the sale of HVAC materials (boilers, water heaters, air conditioners), taps and fittings, bathroom furnishings, wellness products (saunas, Turkish baths/steam rooms, whirlpool/hydro-massage) as well as floor and wall surfaces. We cater to technical professionals, private customers and designers.
At the helm of the historic store is Dr. Alessandro Villa, who from 2016, has continued to offer concrete solutions in line with the tastes and needs of the final customer while maintaining tradition. Dr. Villa has also innovatively redesigned the company’s logo and reorganized the showroom space by including a new array of ideas for bathroom furniture and surfaces (large slabs of ceramics, marble, travertine, parquet, resins and wall-paper or fiberglass). These Ideas for the entire house enrich the store’s selection of products in order to satisfy the most demanding customers who seek personalized and tailored solutions to meet their needs.
Because we are more and more often receiving requests for design ideas to solve individual needs, Pattono is dedicated to assisting the customer from start to finish in this process. Our goal is to follow the customer in every step of the way by providing qualified consultants as well as offering after sales services. In the evolution of the market that we are living in today, it is essential to be specialized, focusing on staff training in order to fully satisfy the clientele. In particular, Pattono provides turn-key service for projects such as the laying of large slabs, marbles, resins and parquet flooring.
In the coming months, an important renovation is being planned to update our showroom to include the newest and most contemporary concepts which will not simply be an exhibition of products, or a corner, but artistically studied spaces, able to move and inspire creativity when designing for the home or any kind of project.
Pattono s.r.l. also carrys out intensively planned events especially targeted towards designers. From meetings that provide training credits, to visits to suppliers and fairs in the sector, we are always up-to-date and familiar with any new trends.

Why Pattono 1882?

Infinite solutions for bathroom furniture for over 130 years.

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